Stephan Fiedler

The Infinite Never Ages

Edizioni Periferia, Lucerne, 2019
Hardcover with black hot foil embossing
416 pages, 182 × 252 mm
Edition of 200
ISBN 978-3-907205-00-6

400 ink drawings to fragments of the presocratic philosophers. With a reflection by Tine Neumann

“The Infinite never ages. It sits on the shores of Skyros and leafs through time. The sun tridently pierces the sky. Even the light wind doesn’t change that, refreshing the small bay of Acherounes with its breath. The earth sweats as if it were about to plunge into the wet blue. Waves and breakers form formations in the distance. Iridescent, dazzling, almost graphic. In between, a cup rushes across the firmament. The Infinite sips on its mocha and waves to the handsome waitress…” (excerpt from the text by Tine Neumann)