Labyrinth :: Freedom

Franzensfeste South Tyrol

Athesia, Bolzano (IT), 2009
French Brochure,
384 pages, 152 × 229 mm
German, Italian
ISBN 978-88-8266-596-8

Edited by Paolo Bianchi alongside the exhibiton Labyrinth – Freedom in Franzensfeste fortress, South Tyrol (10.5.–30.10.2009). Essays among others by Aleida Assmann, Christoph Doswald, Claudio Magris und Peter Sieber.

Losing one's way, losing one's bearings in freedom, breaking out of the secure, being locked up in the secure – the Franzensfeste fortress, with its heavy walls, underground passages, loopholes and observation ports is a dream backdrop for the subject of the 2009 regional exhibition. Labyrinth – Freedom is not an exhibition that is indebted to the memory of the Tyrolean struggle for freedom of 1809, but rather traces the freedom myth in forms of freedom that change over time and with their subject.

In collaboration with Natascha Köbel.