Art on the Rooftops of Linz

Folio Verlag, Vienna/Bolzano, 2009
Hardcover, covering Ecorel with silkscreen,
printed endpapers,
192 pages, 168 × 224 mm
German, English
ISBN 978-3-85256-478-4

Edited by Paolo Bianchi and Martin Sturm, OK Linz. The book documents the exhibition “Hoehenrausch (Thrill of the Heights). Art on the Rooftops of Linz” (29.5.–31.10.2009).

The third installment of the Art in the City trilogy moved Linz skyward and culminated in its uppermost spheres. In Hoehenrausch (high-altitude euphoria), the OK took leave of terra firma and scaled an innovative summit. Taking off from the confines of the inner city; up, up and away to an attractive high level with the OK itself serving as “heaven's gate.” An adventurous round-trip path proceeded via parking deck and mall roof through the OK to the Ursulinenhof complex. The star of the show was the city itself that lay spread out at viewers' feet.