Nils Nova

Works so far

Snoek, Cologne, 2011
Hardcover with dustjacket
224 pages, 240 × 280 mm
German, English, French
ISBN 978-3-940953-87-2

Edited by Max Wechsler. Texts by Irma Arestizabal, Hélène Cagnard and Max Wechsler.

“Using photography, painting, video and found footage, Nils Nova is an artist who, with a degree of scepticism, stages the tendency towards enchantment and mystification inherent in the very substance of his multifarious material. And so it is hardly surprising that simulacra and parallel worlds come into play and that one doesn’t necessarily ponder Peter Schlemihl's shadow or general selling of souls to be overcome by a slightly giddy feeling.” – Max Wechsler