Bruce Wrighton

At Home

Only Photography, Berlin, 2010
Hardcover, embossed red linen cover with colour print, transparent jacket with screen printing
128 pages, 245 × 320 mm
German, English
ISBN 978-3-9812537-3-3

Designed in collaboration with Roland Angst.

Ed. by Roland Angst, with an essay by Vicky Goldberg. American photographer Bruce Wrighton (1950–1988) lived and worked in Binghamton, New York.

“Bruce Wrighton's work spanned a relatively small area, the downtown of Binghamton, New York, and a few nearby cities, and he had only a relatively short time to do it in, for he died in 1988 at the age of 38. Yet he produced a portrait of a place and time – and a class – in America that brings a segment of history more alive than any textbook and is better to look at than most of them.” (Vicky Goldberg)