Klaus Lutz

In the Univers

Kehrer, Heidelberg, 2012
176 pages, 220 × 280 mm
German, English
ISBN 978-3-86828-361-7

Published alongside die exhibition “Klaus Lutz. In the Universe” at the Haus Konstruktiv Zurich (31.5.–2.9.2012). Ed. by Dorothea Strauss.

The films made by the artist Klaus Lutz (1940–2009) demonstrate an inimitable cinematic language, summoning memories of Expressionist film of the 1920s, of Georges Méliès and of the agitprop films of the Russian avant-garde. Using cartoon and classic film collage techniques, Lutz created singular and aesthetically arresting works. His scripts tell fast-paced stories that invariably pit the individual – the artist himself – against the rest of the world.

In collaboration with Lena Appenzeller.