Radio in a Nutshell

and Stories of Other Objects

Hirmer Verlag, 2017
Hardcover, cloth binding with foil embossing and ribbon bookmark
312 pages, 165 × 236 mm
ISBN 978-3-7774-2876-5

Published in honor of Lieselotte Kugler, upon leaving her post as curator of the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication and director of the Museum for Communication Berlin. Edited by Veit Didczuneit. The volume presents 101 objects from the collection of the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication. Milestones and curiosities in the history of communications, such as the Reis telephone, an original telegram from the Titanic, the blue Mauritius postage stamp or the Commodore 64 are presented in images and words. The eponymous ‘Radio in a Nutshell’, built by a radio amateur in the 1920s, quintessentially embodies the concept of compressing the large world of media and communications into a small, legible format.

In collaboration with Eva-Maria Bolz. Photos by Roman März and Ragnar Schmuck.