Camillo Paravicini

Having a Clear Picture

Vexer Verlag, St. Gallen/Berlin, 2021
110 pages, 134 × 205 cm, Hardcover, cloth binding, thread stitching and ribbon bookmark

Accompanying publication to the exhibition Camillo Paravicini. Hart aber fair at the Buendner Kunstmuseum Chur (01.05.–02.08.2021).

Camillo Paravicini (born 1987) is always searching for possible answers to understanding our present. This curiosity is the fuel for a journey across uncertain terrain. Although Camillo Paravicini’s works are already convincing because of their extraordinary craftsmanship and precision, they only breathe through the humorously pointed philosophical questioning of what is considered true and certain. In this first monograph, the most important works of recent years become testimonies to a conversation for which the artist steps into the ring with curator Damian Jurt, to be questioned as a questioner this time. Additional texts on individual aspects of his work by Jana Bruggmann, Gianni Jetzer, Claire Hoffmann, Aoife Rosenmeyer and Sabine Rusterholz Petko.