Museum at the Robert Koch Institute

Museum at the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, 2022
Softcover with flaps,
112 pages, 140 × 210 mm
German, English
ISBN 978-3-89606-313-7

As a public health research institution, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) was closely involved in the National Socialist policy of violence. At least twelve scientists and assistants had to leave the institute in the spring of 1933 because of their Jewish background. Their names and fates should not be forgotten. This is the goal of the Remembrance Signs podcast series developed by the Museum at the RKI. One of the twelve episodes is dedicated to each of the former Jewish employees – including nine men and three women. Through extensive research by health scientist and medical historian Benjamin Kuntz, the individual lives of the employees affected by the dismissal were traced. The brochure was published in 2022 as the final publication of the podcast series.