Rémy Markowitsch

On Travel

Verlag für moderne Kunst Nuremburg, 2004
Paperback, wrapped in cellophane
130 pages, 172 × 290 mm
German and English edition
ISBN 3-936711-31-3 (German)
ISBN 3-936711-33-X (English)

Edited by Markus Stegmann. A picture book with citations from literary and commercial sources. Published on the occasion of the exhibition at the Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen Artists’ Association (05.09.–07.11.2004) and the Kunsthalle Nürnberg (03.02.–03.04.2005). Designed in collaboration with Thorsten Platz.

“A collection of photos and texts discovered in literary and commercial travel articles, with which the artist throws new light on compiled tropical and alpine pictorial worlds, forms an important component of On Travel. The pictures found are presented in the form of photographic x-rays of selected pages and the compiled citations are presented in the form of a compilation that is to be read as subtitles.” (Antje Weitzel)