Nic Hess

51 Views of Mount Matterhorn

Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern, 2002
Brochure with PVC binding
152 pages, 162 × 224 mm
ISBN 978-3-7757-9109-0

Honoured as one of the best-designed German books in 2002.

Edited by Christoph Doswald, texts by Beat Santschi and Christoph Doswald. Designed in collaboration with Thorsten Platz.

51 views of Mount Matterhorn is a monumental image for the European head office of the US company Dow Chemical, which Nic Hess’ artistic method sums up prototypically. The publication with the same name firstly includes a compendium of every character and symbol that Hess uses for his pictorial worlds. Secondly, the logos entrusted to us are reviewed with respect to their readability and meaning using lexical research.