Sam Auinger & Friends

A Hearing Perspective

Sam Auinger’s sound and video installations

OK Linz / Folio Verlag, Vienna, 2008
5 paperback booklets in slip cases
with DVD, CD and a poster
176 pages in total, 155 × 195 mm
German, English
ISBN 978-3-85256-395-4

Designed in collaboration with Eva Winckler.

Edited by Carsten Seiffarth and Martin Sturm. The documentation of the works of the composer Sam Auinger, who has been engaged with computer music, sound design and psychoacoustics since the early 1980s, appeared on the occasion of an extensive exhibition at OK Linz in 2008. A theory section with contributions by Gernot Böhme, Thomas Macho, Holger Schulze and Henning Scheich add to the documentation.