Meike Dölp

Vom Wolkigen

Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt Berlin, 2003
Staple binding, gold-coloured cardboard cover with blind embossing
24 pages, 111 × 154 mm
ISBN 3937476032

Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Goldrausch 2003” in the Kreuzberg/Bethanien art gallery, Berlin (25.10.–14.12.2002). Photos by Christian Muhrbeck.

“Trigger-happy cowboys are incorporated into a tapestry pattern in which they fire haphazardly through the district wearing moccasins as slippers and wait in front of a tent made from curtain material like faithful dogs in front of a supermarket, thoughts are condensed into wool pompoms. […] What is good and what is bad is not explained but questioned.” (Meike Dölp)