Missing Link

The image of man in contemporary photography

Edition Stemmle, Thalwil/Zurich, 1999
hardcover with foil embossing, dust jacket
328 pages, 228 × 300 mm
German and English edition
ISBN 3-908163-12-9

Edited by Christoph Doswald, accompanying the exhibitions at Kunstmuseum Bern (03.09.–07.11.2000) and Kunsthaus Dresden (23.02.–17.06.2001). Essays among others by Carl Aigner, Max Kozloff, Kathrin Peters and Thomas Wulffen.

“No other medium has altered the human self-image and transformed art's perception of itself as lastingly and profoundly as photography. Photography functions as a missing link between mankind and art. Much like a two-sided mirror, it reflects the progress of art and the world at the same time–thus responding to the modernist appeal for the unification of art and life” (Toni Stoos)